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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Tally Ho!

The RAF have arrived! 

1/200 resin aircraft miniatures from Armaments in Miniature on Eleven Tree Designs flight stands:

 Spitfires and Hurricanes
 This JU87 Stuka  is easy prey for the Hurricane!
 The German BF109 pilot is no match for Douglas Bader!
 Spitfire in Douglas Bader's markings
 Various underside colours and markings
 The planes from above
On patrol over southern England

Friday, 20 November 2015

WW2 Italian blackshirt infantry

Mostly Black Tree Design (couldn't resist one of their regular 40% off sales!) but I had to draft in some Warlord command, LMG teams and a mortar.

I'm not as ken on the Warlord Italians- they're very much on the 'small' side, and although they'd probably be ideal with the Perry range, they wouldn't work at all well with the chunky Artizan miniatures.

I really like BTD miniatures (well- the earlier ones) but they still have glaring gaps in their ranges which is a shame.


Terminator Endoskeletons

I managed to get the new 'Terminator' game from River Horse brand new on eBay for a considerable discount, and have got as far as painting the endos up. 

The human resistance will take a lot longer so are still on the 'based and primed' mountain!

The second photo is of some very old and out of production metal Terminator miniatures by Leading Edge Games. They're more 25mm.

1/200 scale WW2 Aircraft

I bought 'Wings of Glory' by Ares games and some of the pre- painted fighter planes, but what I really wanted were the classic 'Battle of Britain' planes that I'd built and painted (badly!) as a child.

Apparently these were available when the game was manufactured by Fantasy Flight Games, but when Ares took over they decided to make different models of aircraft, and a vacuum has been left now that the older models are out of production.

I did a bit of research and found the excellent resin models by Armaments in Miniature. 

Shipping from the USA to the UK was pretty much a flat rate, so I ordered what I wanted and a few extra that I'll sell on (hopefully!)

Decals are from  Mehusla on eBay and are really superb quality- easy to apply and they really 'finish' the models. 

I had to hand paint some of the numerals by hand- not east at this scale!

All are AIM model apart from the JU52 and JU88 which are Zvezda plastic kits. Just wish Zvezda made more in 1/200.


Nazi Zombies!

I bought a few of these from eBay just for fun- I think they paint up quite well!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Desert Rats Bedford QL

Based on an old metal Dinky toy with scratchbuilt rear frame and canvas:

Sherman Platoon

Three plastic Sherman M4's from Warlord Games. 

Same issues as the Panther with tracks not joining up, and the commander figure looking way too small compared to most 28mm miniatures, but again, excellent value overall: