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Saturday, 26 March 2011

28mm MoFo Miniatures US Ranger test figure completed

I bought the US forces deal from Gripping Beast and am very pleased with the figures. Some of the delicate gun barrels needed reinforcing with a tiny bit of Araldite, but the miniatures are in a good variety of engaging poses and certainly look 'ready for action'!

I want to field a fairly generic force, so am doing most of my US Rangers in tri- colour desert BDU's with some choc chip helmet covers and fatigues just to add a bit of variety and interest. I also wanted a bit of a battle worn 'dusty' feel to them.

The tufts are Army Painter Highland Tufts from Arcane Scenery on ebay, and the US flag decal is from Company B and sold in the UK by theWargames Command Post. Both suppliers had the goods to me virtually the next day, so credit where it's due!


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