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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Desert Rats Bedford QL

Based on an old metal Dinky toy with scratchbuilt rear frame and canvas:

Sherman Platoon

Three plastic Sherman M4's from Warlord Games. 

Same issues as the Panther with tracks not joining up, and the commander figure looking way too small compared to most 28mm miniatures, but again, excellent value overall:

Warlord Games plastic Panther Tank

I decided to paint model this up in three- tone camoto match an illustration I had of an example from 9th SS Panzer Division 'Hohenstaufen' fighting in Normandy during the latter stages of WW2.

Minor frustartions were caused by the tow rings snapping easily; the tracks leaving a gap at either end; the commander figure is way too small compared to most 28mm miniatures, and the  zimmerit paste looks a bit too uniform. but overall easy to put together and excellent value overall:

British Universal carrier

A plastic kit from Warlord Games. 

Easy to put together and an interesting vehicle:

Click photos for larger size:

North Africa: German Afrika Korps

I really enjoyed painting these miniatures from Black Tree Designs. 

I wanted to go for a real mix of uniform colours to reflect the fading caused by the sun, but to still keep the figures looking like they belonged to the same unit:

Click on photos for larger size:

North Africa: British 8th Army 'Desert Rats' mortar team

Another set from Artizan- great character in these sculpts.

Click on photo for larger size:

North Africa: British Morris Quad and 25 pdr gun

A nicely detailed resin model from Blitzkrieg Miniatures with a metal commander originally bought from Warlord Games, but now sold by The Wargames Command Post.

I had some problems with paint flaking off the resin model, despite being very thorough with washing the components in soapy water and using Halford's oil- based plastic primer- frustrating when you've finished the model and have to retouch it!

Click on photos for larger size:

North Africa: British commandos

Two sections of British commandos and an LRDG/ SAS team from Artizan Miniatures. 

Great character in these sculpts- they remind me of the hardened comic strip heroes from the 'Commando' comics!