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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Air support has arrived!

I've just received a big box of helicopters from the States that I bought through ebay.

I got hit for the customs charges (fair enough) and almost the same again for a 'handling fee' (grrr!!!), and the rear tail fin stabilisers were broken on both Blackhawks (easily mended with Araldite glue) but I was very pleased with them and think they were excellent value.

I originally just wanted two Blackhawks, but added a Chinook and an Apache when I worked out that the shipping and customs fees were going to be about same for two or four choppers.

All four birds on the LZ!

Delta hit the ground running from a Blackhawk

Mission accomplished, fighting withdrawal to the Chinook

An Apache provides close air support

Insurgent eye view of the Apache!

All the models are from the 'Sky Pilot' range made by New Ray and are listed as 1/55 to 1/60 scale- perfect for the more 'realistically' proportioned 28mm miniatures. I've used MoFo miniatures from Gripping Beast in the photos above.

I got my helicopters from Phil's Hobby Shop in Florida and highly recommend them- great response to enquiries, best shipping quote by a long way and really fast, safe delivery. The couple of minor breakages were entirely due to the New Ray packaging where the vac formed 'bubbles' supporting the tail in the box must have been putting slight upwards pressure on the tail stabilising fins.

Other great features of these choppers for wargaming include that they are quite robust, the rotor blades easily fold back along the fuselage on hinges so the model can be stored in little space, and all but the Blackhawk casevac came with a 'flying' stand'. All could be 'detailed' more for wargaming if you wanted to, but I'll probably just use them as they are straight out of the box.



  1. I have a pair of Forces of valor 1/48th Blackhawks(which the interchangeable weapon pods)and an FoV 1/48 Apache.

    But I can't say i have a Ch-47 Chinook!

  2. Thanks for sharing this - I have the Blackhawk and Apache from New Ray but passed on the Chinook as it looked a little small. I may reconsider after seeing it in your photo. :-)

  3. Have you painted the Chinook? I ordered one this morning and am wondering if I need to paint it.

  4. Hi! I haven't painted any of them- they come with quite a realistic matt finish so I've jus left them as they are. :O)

  5. Great analysis of helicopters, scales and photos for 28mm wargames!
    Indeed, the CH47 Chinook (1:60) as it looked a little small for 28mm ...
    I recommend the CH-46 Sea Knight (1:55), New Ray also, the scale is fair and was widely used by the Marines in Vietnam and other "cold conflicts".