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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sneak peak- diecast 1/50 scale Soviet T-55 tanks

I've now started importing copies of Soviet arms from China! Four T-55 tanks arrived (in around six days- amazing!) and I'm half way through painting them up. The models are really detailed and have moving plastic running gear under a diecast metal chassis upper and turret.

I'll sell one of each colour on eBay and keep the other two- probably won't make any profit, but as shipping is negligible extra for a couple more than I want I often make the surplus available to anyone who wants to bid.



    or go on eBay and serch for 'T 55 tank' :O)

  2. Hi there. Can you get M1A2 Abrams tank ??Mac#

    1. Unfortunately I think they only do the T-55.

      See the post on this blog about the cheap M1A1 kit I found- not the most accurate, but close enough for wargaming! :)