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Friday, 20 November 2015

1/200 scale WW2 Aircraft

I bought 'Wings of Glory' by Ares games and some of the pre- painted fighter planes, but what I really wanted were the classic 'Battle of Britain' planes that I'd built and painted (badly!) as a child.

Apparently these were available when the game was manufactured by Fantasy Flight Games, but when Ares took over they decided to make different models of aircraft, and a vacuum has been left now that the older models are out of production.

I did a bit of research and found the excellent resin models by Armaments in Miniature. 

Shipping from the USA to the UK was pretty much a flat rate, so I ordered what I wanted and a few extra that I'll sell on (hopefully!)

Decals are from  Mehusla on eBay and are really superb quality- easy to apply and they really 'finish' the models. 

I had to hand paint some of the numerals by hand- not east at this scale!

All are AIM model apart from the JU52 and JU88 which are Zvezda plastic kits. Just wish Zvezda made more in 1/200.


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